One of the Nations First Cleanroom Cleaning Services

Cleanroom Facility Services (CFS) is a company dedicated to the cleanroom manufacturing industries.  Cleanroom Facility Services provides services to industries focused on clean manufacturning and companies that are GMP compliant and regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  Cleanroom Facility Services has grown into a nationwide company servicing pharmaceutical, medical device, semiconductor, electronics, medical centers, hospitals, biotech, cosmetics, food, automotive, computer, and aerospace construction industries.

GMP and Cleanroom Cleaning Services  

Our certified technicians are dedicated to providing you with complete GMP Manufacturing Services services. EFFORTLESS COMPLIANCE for Guaranteed Clean Room Manufacturing Control. Read more

ISO 14644 Certification and BSC Certification
Cleanroom Cleaning Certification and Test Services and Biosafety Cabinet Testing. Our certified technicians are dedicated to providing you with ISO 14644-1 & 2 Cleaning Certification and Testing. Read more 


Clean-Build Protocol Services
By using PROTOCLEAN, INC to monitor the clean-build

operations, customers have had 99.4% yields the first run of product after construction. These results are so significant that they produce 100’s of millions of dollars in added revenue to the first production run. Well worth the small investment of building clean. Read more 

Commitment to Quality

Cleanroom Facility Services is ISO 9001:2015 Certified company.   We are committed to providing the best-trained personnel and systems to offer you the best cleanroom technical service while continuously improving our operation

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